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Quality Assurance

Our Mission

Is to hydrate and energise the world’s athletes with cleaner, lighter, tastier and refreshing products for a more effective and comfortable performance enhancement.

Our products have been created to hydrate and energise, anyone who takes part in sporting activities or physical exercise.


Proven in the most demanding sports

Professional motocross rider

“Generate is great! Not only does it hydrate and fuel your body but it tastes amazing. It is a lot easier to drink than just water.”

Josh Gilbert

Retired professional motocross rider / motocross riding coach

"I don’t ride much these days but when I do I’m sure to have generate with me to help me through the day. Generate has also kept my training academy members fuelled up for their coaching sessions and races"

Lewis Gregory

Professional motocross rider

"Generate is a refreshing drink that not only tastes nice but really helps out after a race or in the gym. When I come off from a race or straight after a gym workout I like to drink it as it’s refuelling your body with all of the good things you sweat out. Just water and a scoop of Generate and away you go" 

Dominic Lancett

Vegan Registered