Nutritional Information

Generate Electrolyte Drink contains a blend of carbohydrate and electrolytes (such as sodium)  that promote optimal hydration. Our products have a light refreshing taste and are easily digestible so they can fuel you faster. 


Maltodextrin, Acid (Citric Acid), Sodium Chloride, Tri Calcium Phosphate, Natural Flavouring, Sweeteners (*Acesulfame K, Aspartame), Potassium Chloride


Per 100g

Energy  1281 kJ, 301 kcal 
Fat 0.0 g 
- of which saturates  0.0 g 
Carbohydrates  75.3 g 
- of which sugars  6.5 g 
Fibre 0 g 
Protein  0 g 
Salt 4 g 
Calcium 1577 mg - 197% reference intake
Sodium 1602 mg 
Potassium 48 mg

 * Contains a source of phenylalaine.