Generate's GAS GAS UK Enduro Team Rider Alex Snow | ISDE Portugal report...

Team GGUK Enduro Team rider Alex Snow has just returned from his first International Six Days Enduro in Portgual.
Unfortunately, Alex did not finish the event but was running P4 in E3 and around P20 overall /scratch until a rare bike problem ended his week on Day 4. We can't hide this mechanical and it's all part of Enduro Racing.
I am very proud of Alex this year who is a true racer and gentleman.
Many thanks to Team GB/ACU for giving Alex this opportunity.
John -

Alex report;
Although my ISDE was cut short at the end of day 4 what an experience it was. With big fast dusty cross tests, and challenging loose rocks the tests where certainly different to usual, being Much more suited the big 4 strokes the two strokes and small engine bikes certainly had there work cut out.

alex snow

Day one started off well, having some good tests, even posting a time up in the top 4 on one occasion, but showing good consultancy all day locked me into 19th overall and 4th E3.

Day two again was good from the start, the two sand tests were really rough and heavy on the bike along with the dust on test 3, but improving again to 18th overall and 4th E3.

On a new loop and 3 new tests for day 3/4 it was exciting to ride some new conditions. 2 of the tests much better suited to the UK riders but one was extremely high speed suiting the yanks and Aussie riders. After a little crash in test one in the rain, and another mistake on test 6 running into the track tape and posts, it left me 23rd overall and 5th E3 to my frustration.

generate alex snow

Day 4 started well, the body felt decent and lap one got off to a great start running up inside the top 20. Unfortunately, after test 5 the bike started smoking on the transfer. Limping to the pits it was then evident the head o-rings had gone from the 4 days of abuse. Unable to fix the problem and reach the finish in time meant it was the end of my 6days. That along with Brad Freeman crashing out Day 1, and Joe Wooten our on day 3 pretty much summed up team GB’s hopes of a result. No the less, a mega experience and looking forward to riding it again in the future.

Massive thanks to all the team sponsors who made it possible in such short notice and all do the team GB staff on hand for the two weeks, hats off to all of them.

Alex snow

Thanks to vision media for the great pics.